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    Tiger Land 1 – “Saber Rattling” Preregistration

    Tiger Land “Saber Rattling” is a 2-day MILSIM event May 4th and 5th at MACV Airsoft in Middlesex, Vermont. Registration is normally $50 but you can save $10 and preregister for Tiger Land 1 now! Choose normal registration or add the meal option of Mrs. Tiger’s special truffle burgers,...

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    2014 MACV Season’s Pass only $200 for a limited time!

    Until December 25th, our 2014 season’s passes are only $200 (normally $250)! If you’re a regular attendee of MACV games, or plan on being one in 2014 this is a huge savings. It gets you access to all of our walk-on games and all of our Operations! Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity...

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    A visit from Brian at Echo1

    GMSOG recently had the honor of a visit from Brian Holt, one of the lead techs at Echo1 Airsoft and all-around nice guy. He also runs BrianAtEcho1.com, an excellent blog that includes tech articles and videos, product reviews, and articles about various aspects of the sport of airsoft. I noticed out...

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    GMSOG OPFOR at Operation Pine Plains V

    GMSOG is assembling a team of hand-pick individuals to play a special role at Operation Pine Plains V at Fort Drum, NY. Before you go any further, you must be 18+ to attend this event. That’s the Army’s rules, not ours. We will be OP-FORCE. The goal will be to form a 20 person OP-FORCE Share...

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    New or Beginner Airsofters

    If you’ve never heard of airsoft, or don’t understand exactly what it is, here is a good introduction for you. Airsoft Basics Airsoft is a sport that involves employing military tactics, command structure, equipment and discipline to create a realistic combat simulation while maintaining...

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